• Art Institute of Chicago

    Grant Amount: 7,175

    Students will engage in storytelling and identity building through collage, sculpture, mixed media and discussion. Using the art of language, visual composition, and object-making students will use their own artistic voice and hand to tell their stories. Our school’s vision states that “we are equally committed to the social and emotional development of our students and will partner with parents and community members to ensure we meet the needs of the whole child.” This project seeks to support the whole-child as well as a whole school commitment to the importance of social and emotional learning. The teaching artist for this project has a strong focus on using art as a tool for students to learn more about themselves through the experience of creating and learning about art. Through a concentration on personal work and its connection to community building through art, this residency would support our emphasis on positive classroom (and school) culture through the creation of supportive and nurturing environments. With the creation of nurturing environments, students will be better equipped to engage in restorative practices outside of this residency as needed. Students will learn the ways that artists provide each other with thoughtful feedback via an artist critique. Students will be introduced to open ended projects with defined prompts and somewhat limited materials that invite them to explore themselves through art (i.e. a self-portrait sculpture using model magic clay that references colors, Picasso, and other contemporary artists). The course is designed to operate as an open studio with instructors and peers to narrow the potential of artistic paralysis from no guidance or direction for artwork. Students will have a body of work ranging from a sound file, representational self-portraits, and a partner made installation. From the body of work, students will find themes of self and community in their art. Through processing, students will become more aware of their strengths and identity – fostering a sense of place and purpose. This residency would also provide an opportunity for our students to interact with art education in a culturally relevant and personally powerful way.