• Joffery Ballet Community Engagement

    Grant Amount: 10,000

    There are three main goals that will be addressed with the assistance of this grant: First, Mollison Elementary will implement programs within the school, community and CPS that will provide a platform for our students to build upon the fine arts historical legacy of Bronzeville. Secondly, by having the opportunity to combine cultural urban contemporary African and Latin dance techniques with the authentic cultural dance techniques and methods, the students will have the chance to establish an innovative approach to learning. Engaging in such a program will present a leeway for Mollison students to exhibit various forms of art but specifically dance and music, under the leadership of the Joffrey Ballet Community Engagement Organization. Lastly, Mollison Elementary School plans to become leaders in their community by instituting the first Bronzeville Children’s Fine Arts festival that will be open to all CPS and Charter schools.