• Young Chicago Authors

    Grant Amount: 10,000

    Young Chicago Authors provides instruction in writing, publication, and performance education. Young Chicago Authors brings rigorous material steeped in poetry, hip hop, and spoken word using source materials from Louder than a Bomb, Chicago Writes, and Check the Method curricula which is specifically tailored to high school level students. Members of the YCA Teaching Artist Core are steeped in the pedagogy of Young Chicago Authors as well as talented rappers and visual artists who use different medium, in addition to literary text, to create vibrant storytelling pieces. One of these members will provide literary art instruction to 11th and 12th graders and assist in the generation of original pieces that integrate literary and/or visual arts and/or music. The goal is for students to create “The Voices of Austin: Who Are the Young People”, a celebration of the voices and Black culture of Austin and young people in Chicago.