Lupe Jimenez-Pinto is a mission-driven, solution-oriented strategist, and nonprofit expert with a proven record of creating innovative educational experiences. In her previous role as Senior Director of External Affairs, Lupe returned to her alma mater, Perspectives Charter Schools, where, for a decade, she cultivated an organization-wide passion for social-emotional wellbeing and advancement. She worked diligently as an adept brand and marketing strategist while crafting thoughtful messaging and communications and was instrumental in the successful planning and execution of fundraising activities and community events. She effectively built relationships with community partners, funders, city leaders, and elected officials to further advance the organization’s mission. She is skilled at navigating the political and philanthropic landscapes of the city, never hesitating to leverage her relationships to positively impact Chicago students.

As Ingenuity’s newest hire, Lupe brings her passion for equity in education, strategic thinking, and a fresh perspective to continue advancing our mission. She will develop and support the organization’s strategic priorities, and above all, she will empower and expand the groundbreaking opportunities that we offer to schools and youth across the thriving city of Chicago.

Lupe graduated with a BA in Marketing Communications with an emphasis on Public Relations from Columbia College Chicago in 2006. She lives in the Chicagoland area with her husband and children, and remarkably, she emerged from years of pandemic parenting even stronger and saner than before. When she isn’t developing cutting-edge partnerships or creating inventive educational experiences, you can find her with her family or enjoying a walk through our city’s many incredible museums.

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