This Toolkit is created specifically for the six Any Given Child communities selected to be part of the artlook® pilot cohort from 2019-2021.

The sections below contain resources, instructions and templates for the communities to use when communicating about and gathering information and data for their unique artlook® platforms. We will be regularly updating and adding to these resources, but please let us know if you’re looking for something that is not yet uploaded here.

Reach out with any questions!

Chloe (, Steve (, and Tom (

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  • 1. Overviews & master documents

    These documents provide an overview of the platform, the artlook/AGC partnership, and other materials useful to understand the project as a whole.  Such as:

    • A descriptive overview of the artlook® / Any Given Child pilot partnership
    • Intro to artlook®  slide deck
    • Template slide deck to use when communicating about artlook® to funders
    • The Community Handbook for the AGC/artlook pilot cohort
    • “What is artlook?” video 
    • And others


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  • 2. Data templates & surveys

    This section contains the master templates for data collection fields and questions across the three primary forms of data collection:

    • School administrative data
    • School survey data
    • Partner profile fields


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  • 3. Internal communications kit

    These materials are meant to both guide you in the development of internal communications strategies for artlook® and provide you with some raw material to use and adapt for your own communications. Many of the “overview” documents (section 1) will also provide some useful language for your communications tools, so that section can act as a complement to this one for many purposes.  (Externally-facing communications pieces and templates are housed in section #4 below, “Media relations communications kit.”) 

    Some of these resources include: 

    • Communications plan outline 1-pager 
    • Examples of social media posts/content (for public audiences) 
    • Email templates for principals, school administrators, and arts partners 
    • And others


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  • 4. Media relations kit

    The materials in this section are meant to provide guidance and templates for your community’s tailored media communications. Your media outreach should be reflective of your own unique contexts and goals, so these materials can act as a jumping-off point for your media outreach.  

    Some of these documents include: 

    • Arts Education key points
    • 1 pager with Boiler Plates for Ingenuity, Kennedy Center, and AGC
    • 1-page fact sheet // talking points
    • National press release from the Kennedy Center about the AGC/artlook ® partnership 
    • Samples of PR hits for artlook and arts education 
    • Testimonials
    • Social media and creating your own content 
    • And others 


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  • 5. Tutorials & training

    This section contains videos, slide decks, and other instructional resources to help artlook® administrative users operate and manage the platform.  For instance, the master administrative training deck is included here, which should answer most questions about how to access, edit, and add users (both school and partner).  

    For instance: 

    • Log-in troubleshooting tips and tricks 
    • A video demonstrating how to target schools that are “in-progress” (among others)
    • Email templates to assist the log-in and information-gathering process
    • Soft launch procedures and agendas 
    • And similar resources


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  • 6. Community of practice

    The link(s) in this section will direct you to a Google Drive folder where each community is encouraged to upload and share the materials that you’ve created and adapted along the way.  Ingenuity will also occasionally add files to these folders, when and where we think it would be helpful for the cohort to share across communities. 


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  • 7. Sample reports & output

    This section contains examples of various reports and profile pages produced through artlook (primarily, at least to start, in Chicago).  Materials will be added from other cities as they are produced.


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