Deadline: End of Day, Monday, April 3

Act now – submit a comment to ensure the arts are included in the new Chicago Public Schools Accountability Policy!

CPS is using a survey to gather public comment on its proposed new District Accountability Policy.

What is it? The way the District measures student and school performance. The new Accountability Policy will replace the district’s previous school accountability system, School Quality Rating Policy (SQRP).

Why are your comments needed? The arts are not included in the draft Policy language. “What’s measured matters.”

Make your voice heard in three easy steps:

Step 1

Visit this page and expand the April 2023 section to find the draft Policy.

Step 2

Click on the Open for Comments link, or click here.

Step 3

Make your case in the comments.

Find some suggested text below:

Opening: Arts learning is vital, and CPS leads the country in arts education growth, school accountability, and supports and resources.

The Ask, Exactly: “The arts must be explicitly included in CPS’ new Accountability Policy of school performance measures and supports.”

Support: Make additional comments – in your own words – supporting inclusion of the arts in the new Policy. Samples: “As a (CPS parent, student, teacher, principal, arts partner organization, community member), I believe…”

  • Accountability systems must be based on student needs. All students need and deserve access to arts learning.
  • The arts support student connectedness and well-being.
  • The arts contribute to a positive learning environment and culture that empowers students, fosters positive and collaborative classroom communities, and affirms identities.
  • The arts nurture students; social, emotion, growth and leadership.
  • The arts are vital to school and community partnerships and engagement.
  • The arts are a core academic subject area and should be treated as such when measuring student academic progress.

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