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Ingenuity is an arts education nonprofit serving Chicago Public Schools. General inquiries can be sent to For greater effectiveness, we encourage topic specific inquiries using the form below, which are directed to appropriate staff members. All inquiries will receive prompt replies.

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Ingenuity’s general newsletter runs on the 1st of each month. If you would like to share your materials for potential publication, please review our submission guidelines before submitting through the form below:

  • We prioritize the following arts-focused submissions: story ideas; partner/sector news; low-cost or free professional development opportunities and training geared toward teachers, administrators, arts partners, funders and teaching artists; and suggestions for improvement.
  • We do not accept commercial information for inclusion in the newsletter.
  • The Ingenuity general newsletter runs on the 1st of each month. Submit materials no later than four days before publication to be considered for inclusion.  We will let you know if your submission will be included in this or future newsletters.
  • We prioritize submissions that include a hyperlink, caption (600 characters or less), and image (sized 900×400), with a preferred image format of .png or .jpeg. Original images featuring children must include a photo release. Submissions are subject to editing.

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