About the Equity Action Plan:

Do Ingenuity’s internal DEI practices match, mirror, and support our external mission-based programs and work? This overarching question has guided us over the last two years.

We’re excited to share Ingenuity’s first-ever Equity Action Plan (EAP): a living, evolving blueprint of our goals, values, and actions that will guide our progress. This is just the start. We know that achieving equity within and beyond our organization isn’t linear, a checklist, or an endpoint. As Ingenuity evolves, this plan will too.

We invite you to join us on our journey.

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This EAP was developed in partnership with Morten Group, a national consulting firm based in Chicago and specializing in racial equity, to provide training, support, and guidance in the development and implementation of Ingenuity’s first-ever organizational equity plan.


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