What are Data Snapshots?

As advocates for arts education equity in Chicago, Ingenuity’s work sits where teaching artists, arts organizations, arts educators, funders, and policymakers intersect. We focus on advancing access to quality arts education by creating connections between these stakeholders, and more. Data shapes all of our strategies, and ultimately, helps to drive the individual and collective impact of Chicago’s arts education sector.

The Data Snapshot is an analysis by Ingenuity’s Data & Research team that takes a closer look at information collected from the Creative School Survey and other sources. Data Snapshots don’t replace Ingenuity’s State of the Arts in Chicago Public Schools reports; instead, they’re complementary, expanding the story behind the data, allowing us and the arts education sector to utilize the information in the construction of plans and ideas to further advance equitable access to arts education in Chicago Public Schools (CPS).

Data Snapshots provide an opportunity to delve deeper into research questions and further explore how to translate understandings into action. Each Snapshot focuses on one specific topic.

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