Integrating Educational and Artistic Practices:
What is my level of comfort or knowledge in offering support to my Teaching Artist's in building the knowledge and skills needed for them to offer instruction that is high quality from both an educational and artistic perspective?
(e.g.: clear outline of capabilities TAs and staff should embody to fulfill work, clear expectations on teaching practices and capacities of TA, opportunities for TA and staff to engage in artistic discussion reflective practices, teaching artist observations, formal and informal pre-and-post observations meetings)
Creating and Supporting a Healthy Organizational and Classroom Culture:
What is my level of comfort or knowledge in building an internal culture that supports quality teaching and learning, and supports the development of a healthy classroom culture?
(e.g.: having clear and transparent pay, hours, job description, and roles for teaching artists, connecting teaching artists to appropriate PD, an organizational-wide definition of "cultural inclusion," using data to drive partnership decisions, transparent organization-wide diversity goals, clear expectations and process between teaching artists, teachers, and organization, staff, articulated organization expectations of classroom management, organization; definitions of "emotional safety" and "cultural inclusion" as it relates to students, families, and program content)
Seeking Understanding:
What is my level of comfort or knowledge in supporting quality instruction for students, communities, and schools?
(e.g.: conducting a needs assessment for the school, creating materials in the school's language of choice, conducting a needs assessment with students)
Designing Curriculum:
What is my level of comfort or knowledge in supporting quality programs grounded in clear learning objectives and tied to organizational strategies?
(e.g.: organization-wide strategic planning for quality education programs, organization values and vision for education program quality, shared educational programming content, goals and learning objectives, and desired student outcomes with all members of the organization)
Aligning Assessments:
What is my level of comfort or knowledge in ensuring that student assessments are aligned with the organizational vision, and responsive to student needs?
(e.g.: the organization regularly reviews student assessments and evaluates alignment to the organization’s vision and values of quality)
Composing the Environment:
What is my level of comfort or knowledge in ensuring the arts education environment that supports quality instruction?
(e.g.: clearly articulated program partnership and communication expectations, realistic budget, planning curriculum with teaching artists and schools, operational understanding of materials, supplies needed to run the program, articulated program space requirements, accessibility plans for students)
Conducting Evaluation:
What is my level of comfort or knowledge in inviting critical feedback to inform future practices?
(e.g.: post-program protocols, strategic plan for education program quality, program data analysis)
Striving for Sustainability:
What is my level of comfort or knowledge in institutionalizing what has been learned, building sustainability for future practice, and expanding learning within the organization, school, and community?
(e.g.: with funders, with schools, with the broader arts education community)
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