• Urban Gateways

    Grant Amount: 10,000

    Urban Gateways will provide an in-school Visual Arts residency to the 6th-8th grade students (3 classrooms) for 18 weeks anchoring, “Architecting Our Aspirations: Artistic Visions of Tomorrow,” as a theme. Led by a professional Urban Gateways teaching artist, students will receive visual art instruction in varied experimental media such as acrylics, screen printing, gouache, and recycled material. The teaching artist will work in partnership with the teachers at each grade-level to integrate appropriate Math concepts such as algebra and problem-solving into the influential Contemporary Art themes embedded in the students’ artistic processes, reflecting their dreams and future aspirations. This art residency will include 90 hours of visual arts instruction, a two-hour professional development led by the teaching artist for the 6th – 8th grade teachers, and a culminating student art exhibition to showcase their acquired visual arts skills, knowledge, and artistic expression.