• Our organization is interested in partnering with a school. How can we identify schools that are interested in an arts partnership?

    Ingenuity Institutes provide arts education professionals with resources, professional development, and networking opportunities to help ensure partners are prepared to work with CPS arts instructors and Arts Liaisons to offer strong educational programming. The Institutes have been designed by Ingenuity’s 16-member Strategic Advisory Panel, a group of strategic thinkers and leaders from the arts education community and Chicago Public Schools.

    The Institutes will help external arts partners to:

    • Identify school needs through the CPS Arts Education Plan and the Creative Schools Initiative
    • Plan with other partners and schools using current data, expertise, and information
    • Strengthen educational practice
    • Learn the nuts and bolts of working within CPS’ system
    • Align curriculum and programs to CPS arts standards and the common core
    • Interact and plan with school-based arts liaisons
    • Establish “best practice” strategies for partnerships

    Additionally, artlook Map can be used as a planning tool. You can search schools and networks to see what types of arts partnership they are currently offering and develop a list of schools you could approach about an arts partnership.

  • We have several school partnerships that are not listed on the Map. How can we be added?

    Log in to the artlook Partners site, and create or update your profile to indicate which CPS schools you currently partner with. Your organization’s updated profile will appear on artlook Map immediately after you enter updates.

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