Our collective commitment to improving arts education access for all CPS students is what unites our sector, and systemic improvement, policy changes, and advocacy action all depend on how we turn data into actionable ideas.

We developed artlook® to collect this data, build community, and connect arts partners and schools. More than 90% of CPS schools submit information for their artlook® profiles every year – profiles that let them connect with arts partners to improve the access and quality of arts education in CPS schools. 

But in order to deliver this work, artlook® depends on schools AND arts partners both keeping their profiles updated. artlook®Converge supports arts partners and schools in updating and maximizing your artlook® profiles to make strides towards our collective arts education impact goals.

To make sure that you have what you need to get started, we’re excited to  share tools and resources, host artlook® workshops, and connect directly with arts partners and teachers through office hours and one-one-one consultations. 

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artlook® for you:


I’m part of an arts organization looking for opportunities to collaborate with schools and other teaching artists to deliver quality arts programs to Chicago Public Schools students.

I’M AN ARTS EDUCATOR (coming soon)

I’m a CPS Arts educator looking for ways to connect to my peers to share resources, network, and join Communities of Practice.


I’m interested in seeing the map, more information about arts education in Chicago, and how it all comes together.