UPDATE: Creative Schools Fund programming during COVID-19

Dear Creative Schools Fund Grantees,

We wanted
 to provide updated, concrete next steps for you to follow in executing any SY20 vendor relationships and programs. Please note this guidance includes a change from previous communications related to timelines for grant implementation – so please read carefully! We’ve provided helpful Instructions for Payment at the bottom of this page.

Our new updated guidance is as follows:

All schools must spend the remainder of their CSF funds by the end of THIS school year – i.e. before the CPS spending deadline for SY 2019-2020:

  • This means all purchase orders MUST BE OPENED by the CPS deadline of May 22nd, regardless of whether services began in person before the closure or not
  • Please receipt, invoice, and process payments immediately upon opening to close out all POs on the fastest possible timeline
  • The full amount budgeted and transferred to the school for vendor payment shall still be paid to the vendor
  • For charter schools, the payment process may look different but the payment expectations and timeline are the same


For programs that rely on partnerships, please deliver the best partnership possible in a format mutually agreeable to the school and the vendor.  Some ideas for partnership may include:

  • Vendor materials or plans for remote learning, offered to teachers
  • Educational or professional development partnership
  • A community of support or practice for the remainder of the school year


It is not our expectation that programs will be implemented as proposed in applications, nor is it our expectation that activities will occur in the fall. It is our preference that partnerships exercise creativity in finding ways to make meaningful learning, development, and growth despite the challenging circumstances facing us today.

We hope this helps clarify procedures for operating through the closures and completing CSF grants. Please feel free to reach out with follow-up questions and concerns!


Ingenuity & CPS Department of Arts Education

Reminder: Instructions for Payment 

Action Step Responsible Party Specifications
Launch Purchase Order (PO) process

Arts Partner

Provide schools with a quote that meets the following specifications (please also ensure the word “quote” is at the heading of the document):

Quote for (arts partner name), in the amount of ($$) for:

  • (type of services) for the (school name)
  • Dates of service(s): mm/dd/yyyy-mm/dd/yyyy
  • CPS generated vendor number for the arts partner
Open a CPS PO


POs should be in the TOTAL amount designated within the grant proposal for arts partner instruction and expenses – please do not open separate POs for different types of work.

If the partner is a strategic source vendor, the PO should be tagged to 18-0425-PR4.

The list of strategic source vendors can be found here.

Implement program

Schools &
Arts Partners

Services may proceed once a PO has been opened.
Invoice the school for services

Arts Partner

Arts partners should submit invoices electronically in PDF format per the guidance above. These can be sent as soon as the PO is issued and services have begun. However, vendors may invoice only for the services that have already been provided.

Invoices should be sent to cpsinvoice@cps.edu after each period of service for payment. Please also copy the school contact and creativeschools@cps.edu when sending the invoice.

To ensure no delays in payment, the following must be included in the subject line of the invoice – vendor name, 5-digit vendor number, and PO number. This is non-negotiable. Invoices without these items will not be paid.

Submissions must also include:

  • Company name and payment address
  • Unique invoice number (determined by arts partner)
  • CPS Generated PO number – please note that only one PO may be referenced on each invoice. Invoices without a valid PO will not be processed
  • Invoice date
  • Location and detailed description of the services provided – this should match the services described in the application budget to avoid questions about alignment with proposal
  • Dates, days, hours and dollar amount related to services provided (this amount must match the receipted/PO amount for payment to be issued)

If arts partners have questions related to submitting invoices, please visit https://supplier.cps.edu There is a vendor letter on this site that details the process for submitting invoices to CPS.

Receipt the PO


Schools must receipt the Purchase Order within Oracle for the amount of service provided for each period as specified in arts partner invoices – this is a necessary step for payment to be issued.

Arts partners, please account for potential payment delays in your cash flow and budget planning through the grant implementation period.

If you (school or arts partners) experience extraordinary delays or other issues with payment, please reach out to CPS Department of Arts Education at creativeschools@cps.edu and Ingenuity at csf@ingenuity-inc.org.

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