Thank you to those who joined the 2022 All Partner Meeting, and for your continued collective commitment to arts education in Chicago Public Schools.

Our collective commitment to improving arts education access for all CPS students is what unites our sector, and systemic improvement, policy changes, and advocacy action all depend on how we use data to turn ideas into action.

We developed artlook® to collect this data and connect arts partners and schools. And schools are interested: More than 90% of CPS schools keep their artlook® profiles updated every year – profiles that let them connect with arts partners to improve the access and quality of arts education in CPS schools.

But that work also depends on the teaching artists and organizations delivering arts education to students. artlook®’s effectiveness for you, for the students you serve, and for all arts education partners depends on keeping your artlook® profiles updated, which will help schools find arts partners who can help enhance and expand the arts education experience for their students.

Getting started is easy!

1. Start by clicking here to find your profile and get logged in! Need help or can’t find your profile? Please reach out to to get set up.

2. Update your information – you’ll need information about your organization, what programs it offers, which schools you might already be working with, and contact information so that schools and other arts organizations can get in touch.

3. You’re done! 

You can also check out the artlook® map for more information on schools. Your feedback is helping us develop more artlook® features, including a new status toggle that gives schools and teaching artists a way to let each other know that they’re looking for collaboration.

Completing your artlook® profile allows the platform to work for you, not only for matching your specialty with schools, but in a wide variety of ways.

Wondering how artlook can help you prepare reports for your funders? How to find schools that have no arts partners? We’re pleased to present artlook® 101, an all-you-need-to-know workshop for Arts Partners covering how to access, update, and maximize your artlook® profile. artlook® 101 takes place on Tuesday, March 22 from 1 – 2:30 pm – click here to learn more about artlook® 101 and upcoming office hours.

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