Teachers: You’re getting your own fall summit

We are switching up the event platform and agenda to ensure that CPS arts teachers and arts partners are able to establish as many new quality and strategic partnerships as possible during this virtual gathering.

What’s Changing?
The updated Fall Summit is now on Zoom and will be split into two days: one day just for arts partners and one day just for CPS teachers. The CPS Teacher Summit will be taking place on Thursday, November 12, from 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.

How is this better?
This new Summit format will deliver strategies and CPS guidance specifically curated to help teachers establish meaningful partnerships in the age of Covid-19. This new Summit experience aims to be just as actionable as an in-person Summit. CPS teachers and arts partners will receive concrete opportunities to connect virtually: After the two Summit sessions, both teachers and arts partners will walk away with new partnership connections, insights and opportunities.


What’s on the agenda?

  • Welcome & Introduction
    • Partnering during Covid-19: Tier Status and Acceptable Use Policy
  • Maximizing Virtual Arts Partnership + Learning Tools
    • Learn how to leverage artlook® to discover and connect with partners, access hundreds of online arts education programs for your virtual classroom, and share your latest arts needs with partners throughout the year.
  • Online Partnership Matchmaking
    • Come prepared with your match criteria and work with colleagues and Ingenuity to find partners who meet your school’s arts needs.
  • Drawings
    • We’re raffling off $30,000 in cash prizes! Get ready to reach out to partners via email to get entered into a drawing to win up to $2,000 to support arts partnerships at your school!


What do I need to know in advance?



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