• Stepson of the Blues LLC

    Grant Amount: 10,000

    Under the proposed partnership with YCCS-ASA, Stepson of the Blues LLC and an independent guitar instructor will work with teachers to integrate a music program with social studies and language arts to help students express themselves on the subject of social and economic justice, the theme of YCCS-ASA. The partnership will provide direct instruction in playing guitar and tracing the history and development of African American music, specifically focusing on the ties between the blues and contemporary hip-hop music. The partnership will also include Stepson of the Blues LLC using its Chicago School of Blues curriculum to instruct teachers in the use of blues music to enhance the teaching of social studies, language arts, math and science to improve student engagement, to deepen the connection between arts and other academic subjects and to enhance student ability for self-expression. A secondary element of the music program, will include composing a blues song that students can use in connection with a civic engagement program sponsored by Youth Connection Charter Schools focusing on encouraging Millennials to vote and make a major impact on the social issues that impact inner-city communities. This activity will encourage students to use music to express themselves, develop strong stage presence, and sharpen their communication skills.