What is ALAC?

Chicago’s creative and cultural sector, and more specifically the arts education sector, is at a critical juncture as it emerges from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and rebuilds. 

In accordance, Ingenuity is reframing our vision for community engagement, moving from three separate Collective Impact Panels to one ArtsEd Leadership Advisory Committee (ALAC). 

These 15 ALAC panel members–representing a diverse cross-section of partners, teachers and teaching artists– will play a vital role in catalyzing arts education stakeholders around the shared agenda of arts education equity in Chicago Public Schools (CPS). They will drive this work by providing leadership and guidance around the specific elements necessary for collective action to succeed: a common agenda, shared measurement systems, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication, and backbone support organizations.


ALAC Panel Members

Christopher Graves, CPS Principal, LaSalle Language Academy

David Gauna, Professional Development Specialist, After School Matters

Einnaf Smith-Austin, CPS Dance Teacher, Hamilton ES

ILesa Duncan, Artistic Director, Lifeline Theatre

Jonathan VanderBrug, Deputy Director, Arts Alliance Illinois

Julia Hinojosa, Assistant Director of Education Programs, Arts+Public Life

Julian Champion, Founder and CEO, West Point School of Music

Kamilah Rashied, Director of Education, Court Theatre

Kate Walsh, School Partnerships Programs Manager, Old Town School of Folk Music

Leo Park, Music Teacher, Northside College Prep

Priscilla Chico, Visual Art Teacher, George M Pullman Elementary School

Sarah Ward, Executive Director, SkyART

Susan Friel, Programs Coordinator, DCASE

Todd Garcia, Director of Account Management, Cleverbridge

Veronica Stein, Executive Director, Learning and Public Engagement, Art Institute of Chicago


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