Celebrating 10 years of INgenuity


Our virtual 10th anniversary event, Ingenuity@10: Igniting Equity in Arts Education, celebrates 10 years of arts education progress in Chicago Public Schools!

Watch Ingenuity@10 to see highlights of CPS students’ extraordinary artistic achievements, and hear world-renowned cellist Yo-Yo MaChicago Mayor Lori E. LightfootCPS Chief Executive Officer Dr. Janice Jackson, and other special guests discuss the power and importance of arts education in our public schools.

This virtual event pays tribute to the resilient 1,400 CPS arts teachers and 600 active arts organizations we serve, and ignite equity in arts education for the 340,000 CPS students and 642 schools we collectively impact each year.

How to watch

The video starts with a pre-show that recognizes event donors, and Ingenuity Board and staff. The full program begins at the 15:00 timestamp in the progress bar. We hope you enjoy!




Ingenuity’s mission ensures that every student, in every grade, in every school has access to the arts as part of a well-rounded education throughout Chicago Public Schools (CPS). Following a challenging year, arts education is helping our city’s children and youth reconnect with their peers, teachers and communities, and collectively heal.

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Honorary Co-Chairs

Steve and Nancy Crown

Steve SolomoN

Susie Kiphart


Special thanks to our Sponsors





Nancy and Steve Crown and The Crown Family



Jim & Kay Mabie



  • Anna and Greg Brown
  • Jim and Karen Frank
  • Ellen and Paul Gignilliat
  • Julian Family Foundation
  • Mary Ittelson
  • Alexandra and John Nichols
  • Elaine and Richard Tinberg
  • Marilyn and David Vitale


  • Rita and John Canning
  • Janet and Craig Duchossois
  • David Gordon
  • Deepa Gupta and Pete Byer
  • Gail and Tom Hodges
  • J. Thomas Hurvis and Ann Andersen
  • Cathy and Bill Osborn
  • Savi Pai and Howard Randell
  • Carol Prins and John Hart
  • Robin and Steve Solomon
  • Jackie and Glenn Tilton


  • Karim Ahamed
  • Susan D. Bowey
  • Elizabeth Graettinger Cole
  • Darcy L. Evon and David Hiller
  • Francia E. Harrington and Vernon Broders
  • Mellody Hobson
  • Caroline and Charlie Huebner
  • Welz Kauffman and Jon Teeuwissen
  • K&L Gates LLP
  • Krueck Sexton Partners
  • Julie and Paul Sznewajs
  • Thompson Family Fund at The Chicago Community Foundation
  • Joyce Winnecke and George Houlihan


  • Anonymous
  • Suzette and Allan Bulley III
  • Rick and Dee Dee Chesley
  • Chicago Bulls
  • Marilynn and Ronald Grais
  • Anne and Vincent Kelly
  • Zach & Anne Lazar
  • John W. Madigan
  • Shirley and Walter Massey
  • Robert R. McCormick Foundation
  • Alice and John Sabl
  • Liz Stiffel
  • Linda and Robert Sullivan

Event Gifts

  • Julie Andrianopoli
  • JC Aevaliotis
  • Heather Anichini
  • Michael J. Atler
  • Donald Bailey
  • Frank Baiocchi
  • Susanne Baker
  • Katherine Baldwin
  • Marilyn & Brit Bartter
  • Ray Boyer
  • Bridget Brennan
  • Joan and Bill Brodsky
  • JoAnne Chittick
  • Emily Cibelli
  • Kimberly Dowdell
  • The Foster Walsh Family
  • Jennifer Friedes
  • Jane Gately
  • Sue-Gray Goller
  • Marcy and David Gookin
  • Krystal Grover-Webb
  • Breana Hernandez & Dante Valenzuela Rivas
  • Vicky and Juan Hernandez
  • Julia Hinojosa
  • Mark Ishaug
  • Marian and Jeff Jacobson
  • Trent Johnson
  • Anedra Kerr
  • Scott Klapperich and Christopher Chantson
  • Cynthia Levin
  • Bill Loumpouridis
  • Leslie Luning
  • Jewel Malone
  • Desiree Moore
  • Trevor Nicholas
  • Christopher Olofson
  • Laura Olsavsky
  • Janet and Rodger Owen
  • Lynne Pace Green
  • Chloe Patton
  • Lindsay and Patrick Payne
  • Laurie and Mike Petersen
  • Bronwyn Poole
  • Barbara Radner
  • Jackie Rodgers
  • Margaret and Eric Scheyer
  • Elizabeth and Jeffrey Sharp
  • Sydney Sidwell
  • Shawn Smith
  • Carrie Spitler
  • Chris Steadley
  • Marcia Sutter
  • Jennifer Trenta
  • Christy Uchida
  • Edward and Nicole Upton
  • Sadia Uqaili
  • Joanne Vena and Rick Graham
  • Jennifer Warden
  • Jon Weber
  • Mary Woolever
  • Susan and Kevin Wyatt

*10th Anniversary Committee

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