February 23, 2023

4 pm


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Many educators want to create gender-inclusive environments but may feel they lack understanding of how to create them, knowledge of gender vocabulary and concepts, or how to handle issues with families. As transgender and nonbinary identities have grown in visibility and acceptance, students are experimenting and coming to terms with their gender identities at gradually younger ages. Additionally, there are many aspects of arts education — and education as a whole — that have historically been separated by or determined based on gender. This includes areas like performance attire, names of musical ensembles, and roles given in theater and dance. Join Constellation Resident Cleo Goldberg to unpack gendered practices, explore how to foster inclusion, and discuss how to navigate difficult situations around honoring a student’s identity.

Learning Objectives
Attendees of the session will be able to:
-Explain major definitions regarding transgender and nonbinary identities,
-Identify areas of education that have historically reinforced the gender binary,
-Determine ways to promote inclusion through adapting existing practices and/or creating new ones,
-Discuss and resolve situations that involve honoring a student’s gender identity based on best practices.

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